Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy

It’s not just a massage, it’s a treatment.

We have moved from Sidcup to Chislehurst! How can we help?

At Sidcup Sports Massage we have your back and your front, shoulders to your feet.  Sports massage is not just for sports people, we treat a number of clients who look to reduce muscular tension through work related posture or who suffer with recent or ongoing injuries or pain. Deep tissue massage has a number of benefits including:

  • Pain Reduction
  • Reduces muscular tension and aches
  • Improves postural and occupational related issues
  • Relieves upper and lower back pain
  • Stress relief
  • Helps manage long term condition's, such as arthritis 
  • Quicker recovery from surgery, such as back, hip, knee or shoulder procedures
  • Tailored home care exercise program to prevent further issues

What is sports and remedial massage therapy?

Despite the name, sports and remedial massage is not just for sports people, though they can benefit too.  Anyone experiencing targeted muscle pain should consider deep tissue massage therapy.  Rather than focusing on problem areas like many other massages, sports and remedial massage therapy aims to heal the entire body.  As such it can address the root of an issue as well as healing surface symptoms.  This enables clients to enjoy relief from a variety of both recent an longstanding injuries and pain.


Sidcup Sports Massage for sports and remedial therapy

Here at Sidcup Sports Massage, we pride ourselves on offering both immediate and long-term soft tissue treatment plans.  We are highly trained in various modalities and use our knowledge and training to ensure that every client receives the best treatment possible.

When you contact us for sports and remedial massage therapy, we'll arrange an initial consultation to discuss why you are seeking treatment, whilst also taking the chance to understand any pains or injuries you currently have.  We will take a written account during the session to determine whether sports and remedial massage is the best option for you, and also how we can use it to your benefit.

We also understand that it can be frustrating not having treatment plans explained to you.  That's why we'll make every effort to outline precisely which conclusions we've reached, and how we'll apply them using sports and remedial therapies moving forward. You'll be given homecare advice to reinforce your treatment plan, so that we work together to acheive the best results for you.

Could you benefit?

In reality, many people could benefit from sports and remedial massage therapy. Clients would find this treatment especially beneficial in cases such as injury, long-term chronic pain, muscle tension and overuse.  Even if you are not injured, sports massage is extremely effective at creating better range of movement thereby helping to restore a healthy body that is less likely to become injured.

What is a sports massage like?

If you've never had a sports massage then it's important to understand what it will feel like when you arrive for your treatment.  At Sidcup Sports Massage we pride ourselves on ensuring that you leave us feeling that we have made a difference to your muscles and soft tissues but without you feeling battered and bruised.

The pressure we apply is dependent on the person, we work within your pain tolerance and ensure you are aware of why too much pressure is not necessarily a good thing.  Your body has many layers of tissue underneath the skin, we work through the superficial layers into the deep layers using various massage techniques that looks to breakdown adhesions, helping to reduce pain and give immediate relief to muscular tension. There is a fine line between feeling that the muscles and soft tissues have been manipulated to feeling that the pressure is too much, we have been highly trained to recognise these differences through our palpation skills and the speed at which we apply our techniques.  You will be in safe hands!

Where are we based?

We have recently moved from Sidcup to Chislehurst.  We are pleased to have moved into the Chislehurst Business Centre on Bromley Lane, you can find the full address on our contact page.  There is parking available at the centre and there is off street parking, when you arrive you will be greeted by the receptionists and asked to wait until your appointment time.  The centre is conveinently situated between Chislehurst, Bromley and Sidcup.  



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